Letters to the Editor

'Business as usual'

The article [Nov. 29] on the Fresno City Council's decision to not require the adjacent church property road frontage to be widened captured my interest. I noted with some humor that city "planners" argued that recent traffic counts indicated that the bottleneck that would be created would not post a hazard. Oh really? Have any of them driven that stretch during the morning and afternoon school drive?

And of course the "recent" traffic counts are down. Polk has been closed to all traffic, south of this area, for months. Nobody can use Polk anymore as a through street.

In fact, you have four major streets west of Highway 99 to Grantland. Two are closed to all traffic, and a third, Grantland, has major construction and delays at Grantland and Ashlan avenues. It is my experience in Fresno that reopening streets to traffic while construction is going on in these areas does not have a high priority.

The City Council is doing business as usual and paying no heed to such things as planning commissions.

Jon Alsdorf