Letters to the Editor

High profile

I was happy to read in Bill McEwen's column (Nov. 28) that Ashley Swearengin is considering a run for mayor. But I had to chuckle when I read "she's not well known outside of business and education circles."

Ms. Swearengin is quoted just about every week in The Bee on topics of job creation and the economic revitalization of our city, has worked with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to secure economic development grants for the Valley, was cited by Fresno Magazine as one of the 10 people changing Fresno, and was recently on the cover of Fresno State's alumni magazine. In her spare time she makes the rounds speaking at luncheons and meetings -- a Pied Piper for economic vitality and prosperity.

If she isn't well-known, it's only a matter of time. Ms. Swearengin is a bright and hard-working woman who has the ability to bring the public and private sectors together to make good things happen. I can't think of a better person for the job of mayor.

Suzanne Crosina-Sahm