Letters to the Editor

Secondary purpose

California State University, Fresno is an educational institution. The primary mission of an educational institution is to provide education. Anything else is secondary. The interest of the "community" is secondary.

The development and building of the Campus Pointe project, no matter what spin you put on it, does not provide the maximum benefit to Fresno State students. A poll of the students might be in order. The "community" interests should not override the "students' " interests.

This project will line the pockets of the developers, contractors and occupants connected with this project. Few struggling students will be able to line their pockets with much-needed income to pay for tuition and books.

As a business administration graduate of Fresno State, I assure you that this project being built on state university property is very much more of a "business" project than an "educational" project.

Brian M. Kelley