Letters to the Editor

Agenda shift

It's hard to readjust your self-image when, for most of your life, friends have said you are conservative, but in recent years, people consider you a wild-eyed liberal leftist.

I believe in fiscal responsibility and personal responsibility both for individuals and for government officials. I'm suspicious of the military-industrial complex, as President Eisenhower told me to be. I support the environmental regulations begun by President Nixon.

I believe that corporate CEOs should be paid only 20 times the average worker's wage, as was true 25 years ago. I believe our military should receive decent pay and that our veterans should receive whatever care they need rather than be left homeless on the street. I believe in the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. I believe that people should have access to health care, good education and good jobs. I believe that people should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

The government merely needs to see that everyone has bootstraps. But if these things have become the liberal agenda and are no longer the conservative agenda, I'll have to admit to being a wild-eyed liberal leftist. I'll also have to wonder what has happened to my beloved country since 1950.

Bill Simon