Letters to the Editor

'The people's decision'

Jessica's Law -- overwhelmingly approved by 70% -- should indicate to prosecutors and state lawyers that voters approved a crackdown on sexual predators past, present and future! We, as voters, do not need prosecutors and state lawyers to narrow the interpretation of Jessica's Law. We voted exactly as we intended the initiative to be -- not their "narrow interpretation" of what "they" think voters intended.

We intended to prohibit all sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park where children play, increase prison terms for all sex offenders and require lifetime satellite tracking for rapists, child molesters and other sex criminals -- past, present and future!

Sex offenders who do not like this law should have considered the consequences before they committed sexual offenses upon innocent children. Sex offenders should accept the fact that their actions and convictions dictate, unequivocally, where they can live. Their previous actions as child molesters do not in any way deny them their so-called "rights." The child molester gave up any "rights" he may have had as a law-abiding citizen when he was convicted of harming an innocent child.

To all legislators: Uphold the people's decision!

Gwen Smith