Letters to the Editor

To save farmland, start by saving the farmers

I ask the people of the Valley and supervisors like Fresno County's Henry Perea to take the first step to save our farmland. Step one: Save the farmer!

I listen to many of the people in this Valley who are so scared of the farmland loss to growing cities, but when was the last time you asked at your local grocery store where the products you are buying originate?

Demand products from U.S. farms -- better yet, if the product you want is grown in California or this Valley, ask for and buy the local product, even if it costs just a little bit more.

We, as farmers, are not just waiting out here for the developers to come buy our land to make us rich, as some would have you believe. We, as farmers, are out here every day trying to make a profit to save our farmland. You want to save the farmland? Save a farmer.

Steven Spate