Letters to the Editor

'Patient choice'

Prohibition of cannabis for medical reasons keeps it in Schedule One of the Controlled Substances Act, making it impossible for doctors to prescribe it.

Compare this to the less stringent Schedule Two of the Controlled Substances Act, which includes much more powerful drugs such as morphine and amphetamines. Although dangerous and habit-forming, such drugs have officially recognized medical value, so doctors can prescribe them.

Marijuana or cannabis had a history of being prescribed in the U.S. and there is ample new science showing efficacy and acceptable safety. So what gives?

Polling shows three out of four voters support medical marijuana, but our U.S. government pursues medical cannabis prohibition even to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Big Pharma makes large political campaign contributions and employs many lobbyists to influence politicians. Big Pharma also supports prohibitionist groups to influence public opinion and is predictably hostile toward activities that threaten profits.

Let your political representatives know you support patient choice of medical marijuana. It is only with active citizen involvement that patients will have choices of Marinol, Sativex and herbal cannabis to treat pain and other debilitating conditions.

James Riley