Letters to the Editor

Simple advice

Although my own diplomatic skills were honed at the University of the Blind Drunk Bull in a China Shop, with the help of a dear friend who was raised in the Foreign Service (Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, South Africa), I want to offer some advice to the resident of the White House.

"Light the fires and kick the tires" on Air Force One and go to Pyongyang and Teheran and sit down with Kim Jong Il and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, like President Nixon did with Mao Zedong when he went to China and find out what it is we have in common (I'll bet more than separates us) and use that as a foundation to build a mutually beneficial relationship where the people of North Korea and Iran have the opportunity to improve their lives, and none of us will have reason to fear each other.

But I'm a blind drunk bull in a china shop, so what do I know?

Jim Doyle