Letters to the Editor

'Distorted' reporting

This is in response to "California drug programs overpaid $5 million" (Oct. 31): Knowing each of these long-established non-profit providers well, I was dismayed at reporting that essentially makes them look guilty for errors of the state. I decided to review the report myself and I found there was no finding of fraud or deception on the part of the providers charged by the inspector general. In fact, all three providers under the substance abuse contracts billed the state the same way.

Evidently the providers had the same understanding of their contracts. It seems the bigger issue is an apparent disagreement between the Department of Corrections and the inspector general about the terms of those contracts. Those bureaucracies need to work out their differences. If that is accomplished, then it will be easier to detect deception and wrongdoing, if it occurs.

This feels more like politics than it does wrongdoing, and the reputations of these providers have been damaged undeservedly. The news media presented these "facts" in a distorted style, obviously without sufficient research. I expect more, much more, from the media in an era of government deception and lack of accountability.

Douglas W. Rolly