Letters to the Editor

Slower mail coming

Citizens in Fresno rely on dependable and efficient mail service -- it is a vital service to our community. Sadly, that service is under attack because a plan being considered in Washington, D.C., would consolidate as many as 140 mail facilities across the country.

Washington's plan will mean slower, less reliable mail service for Fresno. Mail is likely to be collected earlier in the day and arrive later in the day -- even into the evening.

We could also experience delays up to a week receiving our mail, delaying vital services such as bill payments, birthday cards and the delivery of medication.

The U.S. Postal Service was established to serve all of America equally, yet the plans to downsize were developed behind closed doors, without community input and without concern for the impact on the community.

I encourage residents to call 1-877-7-687-6245 to learn how they can fight to preserve high-quality mail service.

John C. Avakian