Letters to the Editor

'Hard up for news'

I can't believe what I read in the Nov. 18 Bee, and on the front page at that -- the story about the man who was trying to do the decent thing by finding a home for a lost chicken. That's really big news!

Shame on you. He was just trying to rescue the chicken so nothing bad would happen to it. Sure beats seeing someone abusing an animal. That you treated him like a criminal and embarrassed him by putting it on the front page of your paper really upsets me.

Put a collar on your chicken and take better care of it. Someone else could have hurt it.

Thank God for people like Troy Celis. I don't know him, but if I should ever lose my cat I would hope that someone would be around like him to find and take care of my cat. By the way, Mr. Celis should not be fined for doing the right thing.

You called him "alleged rooster wrangler." You've got to be kidding! You're really hard up for news!

Patricia Remington