Letters to the Editor

'His minute has passed'

Roman Quiroz will never celebrate his first Thanksgiving or his first Christmas. I can't help but feel we are all responsible somehow. We, as a community, need to take a step back and look at how we could have made a difference in the life of not only this child, but so many others.

Everyone has the ability to reach out to parents in need and lend a helping hand. Not all child abusers are monsters. Many times, it is stressed out, overwhelmed and frustrated parents who take it out on their children. Everyone knows that you should report child abuse, but what can we do to prevent the abuse from happening in the first place?

Listen when a parent needs to talk and acknowledge how difficult parenting is, share frustrations and parenting successes, offer to babysit so a parent can have a break, and most important, encourage parents to seek help. To ask for help is not to admit you are a bad parent, it means you are a responsible parent. The bottom line is, it only takes a minute to make the difference in the life of a child. Unfortunately for Roman, his minute has passed.

Robin Leppo


Fresno Council on Child Abuse Prevention