Letters to the Editor

Bounce houses do not a pleasant tailgate make

Our group has been paying for a tailgate spot at Bulldog Stadium for 20-plus years. Our spot is at the far northeast end of the Red Lot along Cedar Avenue. These folks are Red Seat holders who annually donate to Fresno State athletic scholarships. They've attended Fresno State football games in bad times and good. They've paid $80 per year to park in the Red Lot, and for years parked in the row next to the tailgate.

Now our parking is a big problem. Our cars now mysteriously interfere with kids playing football; they interrupt the flow of parking and cause Fresno State to hire extra staff to monitor cars parking in this row along Cedar.

With parking a premium, Fresno State turned a quarter of the Red Lot, approximately 150 spots, into a football field and bounce house lot for kids. At $80 per spot, Fresno State will lose $12,000 per game, or $72,000 per season. On Nov. 18 I counted 12 kids using the blocked-off football field.

It is clear that Fresno State no longer welcomes its tailgating fans. The focus is on bounce houses and kids playing football in precious parking lot spaces.

Kent Manchester