Letters to the Editor

Money spent on college texts is hardly wasted

College text books cost too much? Many people think nothing of eating three meals a day at a fast-food restaurant. Young woman sport acrylic nails and young men eagerly purchase expensive gaming systems.

People from all walks of life think nothing of spending well over $10,000 for an automobile. Yet people balk at the idea of investing thousands of dollars in a college education. They do more than balk. They wail like spoiled children and demand that we make it better.

What is the value of an education? Might there be some benefit to having to sacrifice to achieve it? I know a young man who has obtained his own loans to get his four-year degree.

He buys the books he needs, he attends the classes that are required, he has applied for and received some scholarships, and he works as much as he can. He gets excellent grades, will graduate in the spring of 2007 and will pay back about $15,000 in loans -- about the price of a modest car. He is grateful to have his education. This shouldn't be amazing, this should be expected.

Debbie Sandhurst

Madera Ranchos