Letters to the Editor

Wrong on Pinedale

I am appalled by the letter of Tony Plagenza, "Parents left in the dark" [Nov. 14]. His first statement, "I can assure you that the parents and property owners within Clovis Unified were never informed of a boundary change," is inaccurate. CUSD Today (which goes to every student in the district) and Clovis West area school newsletters included the boundary change information. Pinedale Elementary published the information in its newsletter twice.

What does his statement, "Pinedale is the oldest school in Clovis Unified" have to do with the teaching and learning that goes on during the school day? Pinedale teachers and staff are very caring and are as well-educated as those at any other school in the district.

As far as his statement about being the worst performing school, we have improved our statewide test scores tremendously over the past couple of years.

We also have extraordinary leadership at Pinedale. Not only is our principal, Nancy Akahavan, a published author, she was also one of the top three finalists for Fresno County Administrator of the Year.

Maybe Tony Plagenza, a parent at Nelson, should visit the school and see the level of education students are receiving at Pinedale.

Sue Ridgeway


Pinedale Elementary