Letters to the Editor

'Exemplary representative'

Rusty DeRuiter's Nov. 19 letter regarding Rep. Devin Nunes was as hateful as it was wrong.

Rep. Nunes has not "whined about being ill-informed by his president."

Rep. Nunes has shown great leadership on local issues (the Temperance Flat area dam), as well as national issues (immigration), contrary to Mr. DeRuiter's calumny.

Mr. DeRuiter's selective misquotes, out of context, further display his bias when trying to make his point.

Rep. Nunes is our exemplary representative in Congress. He works hard and has been rewarded for his wisdom and hard work with coveted committee assignments that will benefit the Valley.

Rep. Nunes deserves better than ill-informed carping. How about some gratitude and admiration?

John C. Broome