Letters to the Editor

'Should be able to pass'

Eighteen-year-old Deana Geiger (letter Nov. 20) voiced the complaint that, as a student new to California, the newly enforced exit exam requirement is unfair. She and others like her should have more opportunities to pass said exam.

She is wrong, pure and simple. Presumably in Idaho she was enrolled in high school. The exit exam requirements aren't unreachable hurdles. This test shows basic mastery of basic skills -- not even skills at a 12th-grade level. If a person is attending school, paying attention and trying to succeed, he or she should be able to pass a basic skills test without difficulty. If someone can successfully leave high school without the ability to read or do basic computational math, what value is there in a diploma?

Maybe the lesson Ms. Geiger will learn here is that life isn't always fair. She may as well learn this fact now while she's young.

Elliot Allen