Letters to the Editor

Don't shut up the Chicks

On Nov. 16, Dixie Chicks fans were regaled with sweeping musical notes and poignant lyrics by three Americans who happen to be the best female band of all time. Their artistry and musicianship were spectacular. The rhythmic and emotional interactions between the audience and the Dixie Chicks demonstrated the positive support that welcomed them and their music to Fresno, as well as their stance as representatives of the First Amendment.

Mike Osegueda, in his review [Nov. 17], twists the concert into a conservative political tool in support of a diminishing cause that was routed in the recent elections. I guess he represents the Mr. I-Hate-Americans' Basic Rights instead of celebrating the fact that, maybe, Natalie Maines has a right to stand up as a voice against the war.

Personally, I hope that the Dixie Chicks keep on singing, and ... don't "shut up"!

Eileen Boland, Fresno