Letters to the Editor

Stop grumbling

Enough of your incessant whining about campaign signs. It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that there is no way a candidate can know where every single yard sign has ended up. If you have not noticed, most signs are taken down expeditiously with some stragglers left here and there.

Rather than whine for a month, how about doing some productive research and letting us know if we, as residents of this county, can dispose of the odds and ends that are left without getting in trouble? I would gladly grab what leftover signs I come across and dispose of them, if I knew I would not receive a call from the authorities concerning why I was stealing.

Novel idea, is it not? Find a productive solution instead of sitting in front of your computer grumbling all day. You like to pat people of action on the back in your paper, but sit on your duffs and complain yourselves. Two thumbs down.

Doug Richardson, Fresno