Letters to the Editor

The Russian method

Last month, I punched a new hole in my belt to keep from dropping trou on the metro. This teaching English overseas takes a tremendous toll on the size of your hindquarters. They do have fat people here in Moscow. I saw one of them just the other day. No fat kids, of course. To be fat here, you have to work at it steadily for at least 20 years. I came back and worked in America for a year. I got fat. My hypertension got worse; my back started hurting me; and my gums got bad. Now, after almost a year overseas again, my blood pressure is almost normal; my back doesn't hurt; the dentist says my gums are OK; and I need a slimmer pair of britches. If I was still a public health nurse in Fresno, what would I tell my patients? Martin Kilgore, Fresno