Letters to the Editor

That's just bologna

The proposed utility rate hike of 27% in 2007 and more increases beyond are a bunch of bologna. The Bee article on Nov. 15 states: "... host public hearings. If a majority of rate-payers protest, the hikes can be squashed." Make up your minds. Do you need the rate hike or not? And to such an extent? Sounds as if the commission wants it more than it needs it.

Besides, it's moronic to think services can continually rise by so much, yet employee wages and/or Social Security rise, maybe, 2% or 3%. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that meeting such demands will very soon place all except the very rich far below the poverty line.

As for the tree trimming and median maintenance, one solution would be to bring some prisoners out of our overly crowded jails and let them clean up and haul trash. Or another consideration would be to use the illegal immigrants who are reaping our benefits on a daily basis.

It really doesn't take even an idiot to come up with some alternative solutions. Who in the world are our officials to think we are made of gold?

Muriel Zahler