Letters to the Editor

Where's the balance?

I read the article on gluttonous mice with the effects of wine drinking [Nov. 17]. At first I thought it was neat, but when it gets down to bare skin, the research for a healthier life span is just another attempt to avoid basic exercise and diet.

It's getting ridiculous. America's waistline grows larger, and all people are trying to do is find some new half-baked pill or drug to cure it. Once again this relieves the "pain" of caring for oneself the old-fashioned way through diet and exercise. There's no balance in life anymore -- everybody wants results now but are too impatient and lazy to work for it.

I'm not opposing the research, for all I know it could be a great scientific breakthrough, extending people's lives, making them stronger. But I doubt it. What the facts come down to is that nothing in life is free, and there are no shortcuts. America needs to work out and eat right.

Alex Danes

18 years old