Letters to the Editor

Imperfect church

In reading the article [Nov. 15] regarding the Catholic Church's regard of homosexuals and those who use artificial birth control not being encouraged to receive the Holy Communion is hypocritical injustice that misses the whole point of God's love for all and just how "worthy" one must be to except the gift of communion.

With respect to the true heart of the church and the devotion of its followers, the Catholic Church is quite far from perfect, and it astounds me that with the many scandals led by those cloaked in robes, such judgment can be placed on the heads of our fellow brothers and sisters in the name of God. It seems that man is always changing and altering the true essence of God. People will always interpret the Bible in many unique ways, and many will continue to dissect and argue their points.

It is said that to enter the kingdom of Heaven, we must be as open as children. What truth that resonates. Children are so open and non-judgmental. They are taught how to judge by their parents and society which is good -- to a point. Children understand and are receptive to the most universal feeling and act; love, no matter what faith or background. Hang on to it as long as you can!

Michelle Sumpter