Letters to the Editor

Overwhelmed by crime

Victor Lopez has been mayor of Orange Cove for 25 years. Now that he has been re-elected, I feel that our economy is going to remain at a halt.

Orange Cove once had its own police department before Mr. Lopez was mayor. For at least the past 15-18 years, a majority of the time that Mr. Lopez has been mayor, we have not had our own police department. Gangs, violence and drugs are overwhelming our town, which is occupied by well over 10,000 people.

Our economy, as far as businesses and jobs go, has not developed much. There has not been a single company that has been willing to operate its business in Orange Cove, knowing that we do not have our own police department to protect it. Most of our business owners are residents.

I can only hope that since Victor Lopez has been re-elected mayor that he lives up to at least one of his promises made during his campaign and brings back Orange Cove's police department.

Roxanne Garcia

Orange Cove