Letters to the Editor

Died for nothing

Following the elections, I have stayed very keen to the situation shrouding Iraq. Although I have a deep-seated concern for the safety of American troops, I disagree with the Democratic Party. Persistently as some Americans accuse our government of occupying Iraq for greedy purposes, such as acquiring oil (and while this may be true), I believe that the primary mission is to stabilize the Iraqi nation. Afterward, when American troops leave Iraq, I have no doubt that America will in fact reap benefits, such as a trade route and war ally with Iraq.

However, removing American troops would send Iraq into a downward spiral. I can say this because rebels, terrorist factions, sporadic suicide bombers and other -- for lack of a better term -- anti-peace and anti-alliance operatives have not been neutralized. Withdrawing from Iraq would leave our mission not only incomplete, but failed entirely. I would hate to have to be the one to tell so many families that their soldier died for absolutely nothing.

Dustin Suarez