Letters to the Editor

Empty threats

Come on, Fresno County schools are not going to put parents in jail for having truant children since our jails are already overcrowded with "real criminals," and the jail system is releasing criminals early, so why are they threatening parents with that element? Was that meant to scare us?

Also, we could be charged $2,500 in fines for not getting our kids to school. Really? How do they propose to collect these fines? Do they know how many fines from tickets people haven't paid to the city of Fresno? Is this another threat?

"... we will try to figure out why students are skipping ..." Could it be that schools aren't safe due to bullying, students bringing weapons? Whatever happened to zero tolerance? Maybe they should have a parent task force to develop viable alternatives to encourage students to come to school and stay in school instead of threatening the parents. This doesn't sit well with any parent.

Karlee Wheeler