Letters to the Editor

No safer at home

The Democrats have won slim majorities in the House and Senate and Cal Thomas writes his Chicken Little "the sky is falling" column [Nov. 14] making dire predictions with over-the-top rhetoric. The reality is that Democrats can do little to change the course of the war in Iraq. Its conduct, including troop levels and timetables for withdrawal, is the sole responsibility of the president, not Congress. What can happen now, however, is open dialogue about the war.

Mr. Thomas talks about reality, but fails to acknowledge that after nearly four years of war the situation in Iraq has steadily deteriorated, with violence on the rise and little hope that conditions will improve. The Iraqi government is too paralyzed to take action to control the violence and there is growing Iraqi animosity toward the U.S. presence in Iraq. The troops have fought bravely but the Pentagon has mismanaged the war from the beginning. A recent report by the combined U.S. intelligence agencies says the Iraq war has spurred terrorism globally.

It is increasingly apparent that fighting a war in Iraq provides no assurances that we are safer at home.

Harris Hays