Letters to the Editor

'Norway's ethics system'

Re "Norwegian fund blacklists some U.S. firms" (story Nov. 16): Apparently, the Norwegian government imposes ethical guidelines as to how the money of Norway's oil wealth can be utilized: "Ensure that the money doesn't go to companies linked to such things as weapons production, human rights abuses, environmental damage or corruption.

"U.S. ambassador to Norway, Benson Whitney, denounced that ethics system."

But Norway's insistence that it is their country and their money is actually a very American attitude. Every human rights group in the world, and many countries, denounced the United States for the (perhaps illegal) war in Iraq, the killing of thousands of civilians, the torture and killing of prisoners, astronomical sums being spent on the manufacture of weapons, millions of taxpayer dollars winding up in corrupt hands, yet the Bush administration tells the world it has no business sticking its nose into U.S. domestic affairs.

Norway's ethics system attempts to ensure that those types of affairs, prevalent in the United States, stay clear of Norway. President Bush says an awful lot, "God bless America!" According to my personal Christian ethic, Norway appears to be far ahead in the line of petitioners.

Isabell Lawson