Letters to the Editor

Dairy clean-up

I vote at least two thumbs up for Pacific Gas & Electric, Microgy Incorporated and the six San Joaquin Valley dairies that will be working with them to convert cattle manure into natural gas.

The Bee article Nov. 13 indicates that what used to be a pollution problem contributing to Valley smog and world climate change will now be used to heat up to 50,000 homes a year. That's a financial win for PG&E, Microgy and the farmers. It's a win for the health of Valley residents as smog is reduced, a win for our nation as we become one tiny bit less dependent on foreign energy supplies and a win for the whole world as methane gas, a major contributor to global warming, is captured and used to replace fossil fuels that would otherwise be consumed.

You couldn't ask for more benefits to more people than that. I recall my gardening father saying that a weed is simply "a plant out of place." Similarly, if we view pollution as a potential resource in the wrong place, perhaps we can look forward to more such news. Keep up the good work.

Ron Severns