Letters to the Editor

Living in 'Oz'

I congratulate Paul J. O'Rourke Jr. [letter Nov. 12] for his excellent encapsulation of the recent election.

The radical Muslim world has just been handed a major propaganda victory, thanks to 30% to 50% of Americans whose hatred for President Bush blocks their vision to see the reality and danger of the Islamic/terrorist mindset.

Francisco Duarte's letter Nov. 15 clearly illustrates that muddled thinking that "we" are the killers of all the innocent people around the world.

From all reports, it is Muslims killing Muslims and "infidels" at the urging of that "peaceful" religion's clerics. Christians believe the Bible's message that says of Jesus: "I came, that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

The actions and message of radical Islam across the globe seems to be "abundant death." Seems the "moderates" have lost control of Islam, and Americans have lost the will to fight the onslaught against "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Apparently, Mr. Duarte and many across America prefer to live in the land of Oz, and not peek behind the curtain.

Victor A. Sweet