Letters to the Editor

Desperately seeking giblets

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. I love cooking the traditional meal using old family recipes, and I love the smells of Thanksgiving as the turkey is roasting. I love the warmth and minimal amount of commercialism for this holiday. No gifts required, just the presence of family and friends.

My husband and I laugh over our first Thanksgiving as newlyweds in 1970, as we bravely decided to roast a turkey for the first time. It was the eve of Thanksgiving. We reviewed our recipes that instructed us to cook the giblets to make a broth to be used in the dressing and in the gravy. Although we did know what giblets were, we couldn't find them anywhere in the turkey. We swallowed our pride and called my mother, who managed to direct us to them without laughing, at least while she was still on the telephone.

Denise Sciandra