Letters to the Editor

The very best 'turkey'

Thanksgiving dinner has usually been my domain. My wife assembles the sides, but the main event is up to me. I am not a big fan of turkey, so my family has come to expect something different every year. It could be Asian lamb chops, a barbecued tri-tip or even enchiladas.

One year, I asked my two adult daughters what they wanted for Thanksgiving dinner. My mistake. They wanted a traditional turkey dinner. So I decided to make them the best turkey they had ever tasted. It was just going to be the four of us for dinner, so a small bird was going to fit our needs nicely.

Between bites of mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing and green beans, the girls raved about the flavor, juiciness, aroma and tenderness of the meat: "This is the best turkey I have ever eaten!"

It was also the biggest whole chicken I could find in Fresno.

I told them over the pumpkin pie. From the looks on their faces, the whipped cream had curdled right in their stomachs. They were so disappointed they barely spoke to me for the rest of the evening. But that was one tasty "turkey."

Michael Daniel