Letters to the Editor

Sewn up tight

As far back as I can remember, right after stuffing the turkey, Mom would take her sewing basket, select a large sewing needle and some white thread, doubled over, and sew the front and back of the bird closed to keep the stuffing inside before placing it in the oven for roasting.

One Thanksgiving, I volunteered to bring the turkey. Because I had to work that day, I prepared the stuffing in the early morning and asked my partner if he would just stuff the bird and take a needle and thread to close up the openings before placing it in the oven.

Without giving it a second thought I rushed to the oven when I came home from work to see the finished product. I opened the oven door and immediately recoiled in shock at the macabre sight. My partner did exactly as I asked, but used a black thread for the job, and had that turkey stitched closed so tight not a single crouton could escape that bird even when fully cooked! I'm talking surgeon-quality.

That year (after suture removal) we all enjoyed the moistest stuffing in all of Fresno County.

Carlos Guzman