Letters to the Editor

Four-alarm Thanksgiving

Several years ago, my daughter, Lisa, invited her girlfriend, Fumiko, who lived in Japan, to visit during the Thanksgiving holidays. Fumiko, in turn, invited her Korean boyfriend, who was attending Yale at the time. It was their first Thanksgiving.

Everything was going smoothly. The table was set, the food nearly done, when suddenly, the grease from the turkey caught fire, and while I was frantically trying to put out the fire, the smoke alarm went off.

I hollered to my husband to turn it off. He was standing on a chair where the alarm was ringing furiously, trying to push the right buttons. By this time, the smoke was permeating the entire house.

In the meantime, my daughter ran to open the doors. Then our two small dogs ran out the door into the street. More yelling to catch the dogs.

All this time, Fumiko and her boyfriend were standing in the middle of the kitchen looking as though they had entered a lunatic house.

Finally, everything calmed down, and I must say it's a Thanksgiving our family and our international friends will never forget. And the turkey was the best I've ever roasted.

Anne Speake