Letters to the Editor

'Heart full of love'

During World War II, Fresno was home to three Army bases: Hammer Field Air Base, Camp Pinedale Signal Corp and the Fairgrounds Basic Training Center.

I was a teenager at that time and with my parents attended First Baptist Church. Often, after Sunday services, Mom -- her name was Martha Kilner -- would invite two or three young men home for dinner. She was concerned about these soldiers being so far from their homes.

On Thanksgiving Day, Mom prepared two complete dinners. One dinner was at noon for those men who had early day passes. The second dinner was in the evening for those who had late passes.

Mom prepared everything from scratch. In those days, we had no home freezers, therefore no frozen foods, pies and the like. No boxes of "ready-mix" or "instant" anything. No foil, Saran Wrap, no microwaves and no automatic dishwashers. What Mom did have was a heart full of love.

Margie Kilner Martin