Letters to the Editor

Worst stuffing ever

Although it happened more than 60 years ago, I have recalled it every Thanksgiving since. My Mom and Dad, my younger brother and I were invited to have Thanksgiving with my recently married sister, her husband and his parents (who my Mom and Dad had not previously met).

Everyone brought something to complete the dinner. The turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing were passed and all of us began eating.

When Dad took his first bite of the stuffing, he turned to Mom and said (loud enough for all to hear), "Claudie, this is without a doubt the worst stuffing you've ever made." It got very quiet for a moment, Mom's face got as red as a beet and my brother-in-law's mother told Dad that she was the one who brought the stuffing, not my Mom.

Dad usually had an answer for everything, but that was one of the few times he was completely speechless.

Tom L. Carroll