Letters to the Editor

Thankful for fog

Recent early morning Fresno fog reminded me of a Thanksgiving about 40 years ago when our then family of four was trying to get from Pittsburgh to Atlanta airport to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family in Manchester, Ga. Thanksgiving Eve, after driving from Uniontown to Pittsburgh, we found the planes had been grounded because of fog. We ended up spending the night in a Pittsburgh hotel.

Thanksgiving morning we boarded an early flight, hoping to arrive in time for the scheduled feast at noon. Whoops! Fogged in at Atlanta! Sitting on the plane, awaiting takeoff, we realized that we had left a needed prescription for one of our daughters in the hotel. My husband left us three on the plane and ran back to the room. I hoped the Atlanta fog wouldn't lift too soon as I didn't want to leave my husband in Pennsylvania. Thankfully, he made it back before takeoff and later we gave thanks for the fog helping our whole family to arrive together in Atlanta.

Beverly Willis