Letters to the Editor

Tradition of theater

It's hectic getting Thanksgiving dinner ready with kids running around. So I suggested to my little redheaded granddaughter we have a puppet show after dinner. Her older brother Phil could work the lights. Leaving her mom in the kitchen, Whitney and I drew scenes, wrote a script, printed tickets, practiced and got excited. The colorful theater curtain from great-grandma was hung in a doorway.

After dinner, turkey-stuffed family came to our Thanksgiving show with tickets in hand and sat in folding chairs in the hallway.

Crouching behind the curtain, Whitney and I gave our make-do puppets life. With our voices high, low, gruff and sweet, our audience laughed and clapped. "I just made a memory," I happily grinned.

And would you believe, we had a Thanksgiving show with homemade puppets every year until Whitney reached 15 and Phil 18. I have the videos to prove it!

Millie Ruesch