Letters to the Editor

Not an easy job

As you admire the perfect holiday bird, I ask you to consider the giblet bag that hopefully made its way inside the neck of the bird.

As a young wife seeking extra holiday money, I took a job at a turkey-processing plant. I was placed on the assembly line bagging three appropriate giblets per bag. I was Lucy on the chocolate line! The women looked, frantically, to the foreman, who immediately transferred me to the giblet washing department saying "please look sharp -- we have inspectors coming in today."

Struggling across the room with a huge pan of giblets and water, proved too much for my 5 foot, 97-pound frame, whereupon I lost my job as I laid my heavy burden at the inspectors feet! I say, if your giblets are correct (two out of three aren't bad) then thank a pro!

Faye Hyde