Letters to the Editor

Potty potatoes

Everyone knows to be careful with potato peelings and garbage disposals, right? While our home seems to have a powerful disposal, in my mother-in-law's kitchen, one must be very careful with the disposal.

This was unfortunate for my daughter. She managed to clog the pipes when "helping" prepare mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving one year. Lots of large, male, family members began to fill the kitchen with tools for declogging the sink. This did not deter my mother-in-law from continuing with food preparation. Since there was no room left in the small kitchen, Grandma told our daughter to take the blender to the outlet in the bathroom and finish whipping the potatoes. While Kathleen thought this a little odd, she did as she was told.

This is one small part of a Thanksgiving filled with hilarious mishaps. We have dubbed 1999 as the year we ate "Grandma's Potty Potatoes."

Betsy Hurley