Letters to the Editor

Supervisors take first step on saving farmland

I am happy to see the Fresno County Board of Supervisors finally taking a proactive approach to the development that is sucking up valuable farmland.

The idea of buffer zones is excellent -- preserving farmland, yet still allowing development when it is needed. The more conservative the better. There will need to be a committee or governing board to make sure this happens. The supervisors do not have the final say as to what land is annexed by the 15 cities in our county. However, with two supervisors sitting on the Local Agency Formation Commission, it's a great start.

Supervisor Henry Perea put it best. The job of supervisors is not to make farmers rich by allowing them to sell all of this land. There needs to be a plan to balance that. If there isn't, the board should put a stop to development until there is.

The supervisors' constituents look forward to seeing the outcome of this step in the right direction. Remember, the farming industry is the identity of Fresno County. Let's keep having pride in that.

Eric Schmidt