Letters to the Editor

'Vicious acts'

Letter writer Nafez Abo-Elreich (Nov. 15) laments the U.S. condemnation of Palestinian terrorists, responding to our nation's veto of a resolution which was sponsored by anti-Israel countries at the U.N. -- some of which are state sponsors of terror themselves. His conclusion: "Now I understand why the Arab world does not like us."

Let me see if I understand this: Palestinian terrorists (Hamas), operating among civilians who elected them to govern, deliberately target Israeli civilians with 1,200 Qassam rocket attacks since August 2005. When Israel responds by targeting rocket launch sites to defend the city of Sderot (just one kilometer north of Gaza, a predominantly blue-collar agricultural town with the same population as Selma), we're supposed to weep for the terrorists?

Here's an alternative suggestion: Stop feeling sorry for terrorists who hide behind women and children and then manipulate the media when their vicious acts endanger their own people. If Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, the Egyptian Brotherhood and other terror groups are the "Arab world" that Mr. Abo-Elreich refers to, then Americans of conscience can celebrate the fact that they do not "like us."

Linda Halderman