Letters to the Editor

'Save them for last'

I'm a liberal and have been all my life. So it goes without saying that I love Molly Ivins and enjoy Maureen Dowd. However, I also very much enjoy Victor Davis Hanson.

Kudos to your staff for selecting a wide variety of opinions to share with the readers! The Bee's editorial and Other Opinion pages are the highlight of my mornings. I save them for last so I can savor each columnist's input as I drink my morning tea.

Isn't it in everyone's best interest to know what the rest of the world is thinking? Sometimes there is even a nugget or two of truth to be found or a different way of looking at a situation.

Keep up the good work. If I have one complaint it is that I don't see enough of Thomas L. Friedman and his take on global economics.

Mary Plauson