Letters to the Editor

'Common ground'

Dale Baird [letter Nov. 15] enjoys raucous, adversarial adjectives and character assassinations in the political arena? That is nothing to be proud of. The bar of civil discussion has been lowered to the degree where such attacks tend to cloud serious discussion of relevant issues.

Hate radio, TV pundits shouting down opponents and the endless cycle of rank partisanship does not enhance democracy, it only serves to divide.

Mr. Baird's statement that "Liberals don't mind acrimonious speech delivered by their own pundits," is ludicrous. I'm liberal, and I don't enjoy it. I'm sure many conservatives are equally appalled.

Sound policies are forged by honestly facing the issues and attempting to find common ground for the common good.

People with the mindset of Mr. Baird's heroes are the problem, not the solution.

Fred Clark