Letters to the Editor

'A firm hand'

When I was in my primary grades, bullying was not a serious problem. However, that was back when "Only girls like pink" and "Eeww, you like the school lunch!" That was as much bullying as I ever heard or received.

Things aren't so great anymore. My younger sister notified me about the little boy who keeps picking on everybody! "Last week he said the 'B' word, and today he kicked someone so hard that she has a bruise!" I asked her what did that little boy get for punishment, she replied, "His recess was taken away for break and lunch." I was furious. Just break? Where is the phone call home? Where is the principal's automatic visit?

Why can't the mother or father assume more responsibility for the child's negative actions?

Where is the teacher supervision on the play yard? So many things went flying through my mind, but who really is to blame? All I know is that bullying is definitely an issue and needs to be dealt with a firm hand.

Katherine Davis


Roosevelt High School