Letters to the Editor

'Money runs our future'

Is there a Part Two of "Conflict of interests" (Nov. 13)? Where are the interviews with Clovis planners and the city council, as well as developers with their big wallets for political campaigns?

Ever since I worked a cotton field as a boy and was told it was the future site of Clovis High School, I knew development was coming. But I never expected to see all our farmland and stables disappear. Does Clovis have a 10- or 20-year plan? Perhaps it is just "plan it according to the plan of developers."

Fresno and Clovis leaders should be ashamed to see how Tulare County has grown, but has created jobs at the same time with distribution centers and ag production. Clovis was once a town of farm laborers cashing their checks at small markets and bars. Horseback riding was normal. Today all of that is gone. Clovis was a truck route for ag products. Willow Avenue toward Millerton was full of peach groves and horse pastures. Now it's all gone.

So much for city planners. Money runs our future. So much for our leaders now that development is out of control.

Steven Trevino Jr., Clovis