Letters to the Editor

'Useless editorial'

Your editorial Nov. 13 regarding South Africa was interesting. The world applauded the demise of apartheid, but did little to help the black people of Africa. The newly appointed black government has never been able to control rampant unemployment, although the writer does not bring this to our attention.

How many investments were made by the elite in this country when the government was changed? To this day even a simple package of photographs has a small chance of reaching the recipients without being stolen. Crime is worse than it has ever been, and the AIDS epidemic is simply overlooked or discounted by the government, or our "do-gooders" in this country have concerts and rallies and think they are doing a lot.

What was the benefit of having this useless editorial on the page except to point out that Botha was a bad president? What happened to the "Bread Basket" of Africa? Now that would make a compelling article.

Valerie McClure, Fresno