Letters to the Editor

Nunes' 'whining'

Rep. Devin Nunes' whining (Nov. 10) about being ill-informed by his president is most ironic. Yet it's understandable, in light of his lock-step allegiance to this flailing and failing administration.It is sad that Rep. Nunes won re-election in light of his lack of leadership, particularly in regard to the Iraq war and immigration. "Stay-the-course" has been his mantra -- now he whines about "being held accountable." I feel so sorry for him.

In regard to immigration, you would think that the Valley's representative would be in the forefront of a national debate -- for the sake of the farmers who are dependent on immigration labor to harvest their crops, for the farm laborers who do the work, and because it is the morally right thing to do. Why does Rep. Nunes fail to see all three?

"I jumped up nine spots today ... If we ever get back in the majority, I'll be in a really good spot," he said. When your focus is only on you, it is hard to see the needs of others.

And we have at least two more years of his "leadership." Boy, I'm excited!

Rusty DeRuiter, Reedley