Letters to the Editor

City code makes shade-tree mechanic a criminal

It turns out I'm a criminal. I've been breaking the law for most of my life. My crime? I'm a car guy. I work on my own cars, at my own house with major work done out of sight.

The city of Fresno has determined that nobody should do any "major work" to their own car. Worse than that, any work, including an oil change, must be done in your garage. You say you don't have a garage? I guess you had better not ever have your car break down. Heaven forbid you need to rebuild your engine.

It's time for the people of this city to wake up and realize you don't have the right to do certain things on your own property when you are not harming anyone. The laws are wrong in that they discriminate against certain actions and allow others that are just as noisy.

I challenge all City Council members to take an honest look at the codes and try to come to a different conclusion than I have and then try to explain it.

Jim Lusk