Letters to the Editor

No turn to the left

Republican leadership, take heed: The loss of the House and Senate, with Iraq certainly playing a significant role, was more about the party abandoning its values, consequently alienating its base. Many GOP candidates, in their attempt to appear progressive and distant from the president, were soundly trounced by their Democratic counterparts. They falsely assumed their constituency would welcome a moderating of their apparent conservative values.

Democratic challengers, oppositely, moved to the right of their party's base and adopted more traditional views on abortion and homosexuality. The new majority leadership are not going to touch those issues in fear of compromising their newly-elected majority.

Make no mistake: The country did not take a turn to the left. If anything, there was an affirmation of traditional values, at least outside of California.

If they're ever to return to majority, Republicans need to return to the core values that got them elected in the first place, values that include avoiding corruption and being responsible stewards of tax money.

Conservatism is a proven and successful governmental philosophy; you just need conservatives in government.

Christopher G. Tasy